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THE RVR PASSION is the biannual Magazine of RIVER Corp. 


When we organized this format a few years ago, dedicating each edition of the magazine THE RVR PASSION to a country, we wanted it to be different from any other corporate magazine format, we wanted a real story, and dedicating each number to a country allows us to do so. We not only talk about the amazing and wonderful country, but we also talk about its realities. 

THE RVR PASSION Magazine has a group of incredible and talented collaborators such as Víctor Domínguez and Javier Mariscal in travel, Francisco Pérez in classic motor, among others, and believe me we have a lot of fun working together. In addition to our main themes per country, you can discover DIY, outdoor trends, trends in organic crops, the pleasure of organic gardening, health and healthy eating, nautical tips, among others.

MRO - Editor

the rvr passion


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